What about trees?

“In recent years, the history shared by man and by animals took a positive turning point. Intensive breeding, animal experiment as well as other forms of cruel treatment still exist, but we recognize to our animal companions more and more feelings, and also more rights. [] in France, in I999, a new law of animal protection modified the Civil code so that animals, while remaining “assets”, are no longer considered as things any more likened to “things”. The law of February 16th, 2015 relative to the modernization and to the simplification of law and procedures in the domains of justice and the internal affairs modified the Civil code again by qualifying animals beings endowed with sensibility.

On the advice of Frimousse’s Mistress, I have just read The secret life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben.

“Forests are not factories producing wood or stocking raw materials, and additionally the housing of thousands of species, as modern forestry tends to think it is.… “



4 thoughts on “What about trees?

  1. Mary McNeil

    One of the problems in the world is the disregard of living resources. This is not new – and I wish I felt we were learning to be a bit better.

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      You are right.
      It is only very recently that the notion of sustainable development appeared.
      Before, because of to the sacred texts which are the basis of all the religions, men considered that God, whatever his/her name, had put the Earth and all its resources at the disposal of the human beings. In Europe forests were destroyed to make way for agriculture, for breeding (captive animals), to produce charcoal (necessary for the metal industry), to build ships, etc.
      Some resources are lost forever, at least on a human scale: coal, oil, gas, iron ore, copper ore, lithium ore, “rare earths” …


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