The Mistress of Zulu, Amarula and Frodo was surprised when I said the Frimousse and RouXy enjoyed being in the snow. With her three kitties she lives in Canada in a state where it is very cold in winter.

I’ve shown her the famous photo of RouXy galloping in the snow – photo I’ve made available to everybody on Wikimedia – and the (nearly) famous video of Frimousse in action in the snow. That was on February 14th, 2013. Today there’s nearly no snow left.

The blog of the Mistress of Zulu, Amarula and Frodo:

courir neige from Frimousse Silvertabby on Vimeo.



4 thoughts on “Snow

  1. Mary McNeil

    Some of my cats prefer to be outside, even when it is a lot like what your pictures show. The two black ones are bonded and love to chase each other, hide and ambush, and even roll on their backs in the snow I enjoy the antics of Frodo, Zulu, and Amarula very much too. Thank you for sharing your memories !

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      A lot of visitors are surprised Frimousse and RouXy liked snow and cold. But they were just like..; tigers. Siberian tigers and Bengal tigers live in the cold and in the heat. They adapt easily.

  2. Buddy Budd

    We are all inside kitties but with my thick fur I would like to have gone out to see whats what. Bet there are lots of small things to catch under the bushes.
    Thanks for that photo of RouXy who is really having fun and the movie of Frimousse who is zooming right along.
    Buddy, Timmy and Family

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      RouXy was born here and he was used to cold and snow. the only problem was feeling the cold at the end of his stump.
      Frimousse was mad in snow!
      Most cats like snow and don’t minf the cold weather. It is their Masters/Mistresses that don’t!


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