You will think I am a man who loves electronic gadgets.

PetSafe for Frimousse and Tigri to stay in our garden, Loc8tor to know where RouXy is wandering, and Glympse to spy Frimousse’s Mistress…

Without PetSafe it is certain Frimousse and Tigri would have had the fate of all the kitties of the village and would not have reached almost 17 years of age, for Frimousse, and 9 for Tigri – taken by chronic kidney disease.

As for RouXy, PetSafe being impossible for him, Loc8tor permitted to know where he was and to go to catch him as quickly as possible if he was in a dangerous place.

Glympse is a… spying system. But with the consent of the spied person. The Glympse application having been installed on the telephone of the Mistress of Frimousse,  she sends me a “glympse”, that is a SMS generated automatically by Glympse and I can follow her route in real time, when she runs, on the computer and\or on my telephone. The speed is indicated and if it shows zero for several minutes I call up to make sure that everything is fine. “I’ve met X or Y” is fortunately the most frequent answer.

My grandson often sends me “glympses” when he wanders about on his mountain-bike, or runs. It also allows me to take part!

I think that it can be very useful for the parents who want to give… freedom to their children!

[This morning Glympse was not necessary since she was running with a friend; but it is useful to guess the time of her return home, and have tea ready!]

Glympse is a free application.


3 thoughts on “Glympse

  1. Timmy Tomcat

    Ha Ha you have the fairer of us figured but I know they still have secrets
    RouXy, Frimousse and Tigri sure did have full lives because of the unwavering support also


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