There was a very loud meowing at my door, and a faint scratching on it. I rushed to open, and there was Roger.

“I know there is no unmarried fortyish woman here, but I’ve been told there are no cats left in your house and so you’d probably accept that I, Roger, come and stay with you for some time.”

“- But Frimousse’s Mistress would be very very cross if I let you in!”

“Well, do you prefer to tell her about my visit and convince her, or shall I go and fetch my two dozen friends? We’d simply settle in the house, sitting and lying on every bed, every arm-chair, every chair. What could she do, when she comes back? Look! My friends are arriving. They were just waited round the corner!”

“Oh dear…”


[I don’t know who is the author of the picture. I cannot credit it to her/him, I’m sorry.]



4 thoughts on “Roger

  1. Mary McNeil

    Sometimes the cats who have gone before take a hand in sending another on to us when they know there is a need. Purrs.

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      I’ve trapped more than half a dozen of mice or small rats during the last few days. In places which neither Frimousse nor rouXy had access to. But I’m sure Frimousse and RouXy were releasing a smell that mice and rats could detect even in those places.
      Of course with Roger and his gang, there would be the smell of cats in the whole village!


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