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  1. Mary McNeil

    Your blue jays are a bit more colorful than ours . Is the gray bird a nuthatch ? Beautiful photo !

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      No, they are not jays. They are tits (or chickadee). Two nuthatches visit us at times but current visitors are all tits and sparrows. They have started to know me, they don’t fly away when I bring them food!
      And we have one “robin redbreast”.

  2. Mary McNeil

    Interesting how similar they look and yet different ! I did see a robin the other day, but they have taken to wintering over. Our true signs of Spring will be the Redwing Blackbirds.

  3. Mary McNeil


    We have other kinds of blackbirds too – grackles , European Starlings, etc etc. But the RedWings herald our Spring. It will be awhile yet.

    Tomorrow is Candlemas Day : “Half your wood and half your hay
    You must have by Candlemas Day.”

    We also consider it ” Groundhog Day” – when the Groundhog sees his shadow (or not) to predict and early end to winter. This is more like the winter of 2015 that you show in today’s post of your beautiful boys !


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