Every year, at Christmas time, at a crossroads not far from where I live, a crèche appears at the foot of a cross. And it disappears in the early days of January. And I am always afraid someone would destroy it or rob part or all of it – there are so many stupid people around these days…

When the Mayor of Béziers or M. Wauquiez try to set up crèches in public buildings they mean that France is a Christian country and that those who are are not Christian are foreigners here.

On the contrary, the man or the woman who brings us this work of simple art every year are part of a tradition – like crosses at crossroads.

I enjoy the poetry of the nativity scenery.

May 2018 keep in good health the visitors of this blog, and their kitties of course! And may the World be more tolerant and find Peace.

4 thoughts on “Crèche

  1. Timmy

    We have those here at houses and other places that do the same. We like the idea of Christmas and the underlying spirit if not the dogma.


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