It is cold this Tuesday morning ( – 3.5°C 25°F) on the window sill at the moment (9:30 am). As the snow is not thick and it has slightly melted, and the lane is a real ice rink. I feed “the birds of the air”. Seeds on the windowsill and the “fat balls” suspended under the lime tree. In memory of Frimousse, to whom sparrows gave numerous moments of happiness. They are cold and Frimousse would say: “They would be much more comfortable inside my stomach”
Frimousse’s Mistress has started putting Christmas decorations. As far as the Chrismas tree is concerned, RouXy’s Master says we have to wait until December 20th to cut it this year – a master in the science of trees, he cuts according to the moon. Frimousse’s Mistress is getting ingredients ready to bake Christmas biscuits. She cannot rely on RouXy to help her this year …
She went skiing on Sunday. She hopes the snow won’t melt. If there is no snow, she can go running! I bought her shoes of another make, which seem to be better for her ankles – you can see that I run by proxy … This morning her ankle is a bit sore. Skiing doesn’t seem to be a good thing, in spite of what her doctor says…





4 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Mary McNeil

    Glad to learn the advice of RouXy’s master – though I do not have a tree because I would rather have the cats inside !

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      With a real fir tree no problem with cats. It stings and climbing in it is very uncomfortable!
      RouXy’s Master has a large forest in the mountain above the village. He has to chop a large number of tres to allow the correct growth of others. He says that if you want to have good timber you must fell the trees at the proper moment – the moon! Incidently if you do so, fir tree or spruce take longer to shed their needles, which is interesting in the house!

  2. Timmy and Einstein

    We have a small artificial tree that I put up every year. That is funny about Frimousse and I think our fellows agree. I also watch those who do and roll about the house in my chair or stump in my metal leg with the furs doing the movement. That is interesting about the tree and we would like to see it done

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      Above is last year’s Christmas tree.
      When we arrived in this house, 16 years ago, we had an artificial tree but…
      1. RouXy’s Master said he had plenty of trees in his forest and he would cut one for us.
      2. A genuine tree… stings. An artificial tree doesn’t. Therefore it is better to have a genuine one. The last time we had an artificial one, Frimousse and RouXy climbed into it and put it down…
      Of course you’ll see this year’s Christmas tree when frimousse’s Mistress has finished decorating it. One of her very best moment of the year!


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