Fir tree

The small fir tree near the mailbox will be our Christmas tree this year.
It was Frimousse’s fir tree. It was in a small pot in the garden of our previous house – it was approximately 30cm (12in) high at the time. We brought it with us here, together with Frimousse, nearly sixteen years ago. It grew, we had to put it into a large pot, and then into a half-barrel. Frimousse liked to lie in the shade in the summer. He also liked hiding below to watch for birds. He would not be pleased to see his tree cut, if he was still here and alive. But the small fir tree is growing faster now because it has managed to shoot roots into the ground through the wooden bottom of the barrel. It is not possible to have a 15m (50ft) high tree at this place – and of course impossible to move it with its roots deep in the soil. No Christmas decoration on the fir tree this winter. Sad.
In the same vein, the lime tree will soon be pruned. Frimousse’s Mistress thinks it is too bushy.
Life goes on. Even without Frimousse.



4 thoughts on “Fir tree

  1. Mary McNeil

    Yes – changes come. I had to have an immense ash tree cut down this summer – even dead it gave the house much needed shade . But…
    Your memories will be with you. Other trees will grow, for other cats to shelter under.

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      It is always sad to have a mature tree cut. It is a living creature, isn’t? It is a shelter for so many birds, insects. And so many souvenirs for the humans !
      No other tree at that place here, and no other cat to live with us. What would happen to the cat when I am dead?
      As far as trees are concerned, we have a large plum tree, a peach tree and a big lime-tree. and there is another fir tree in a pot. We’ll try to prevent it from growing!


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