Tuesday 7/11/17 12:29

I wonder if you saw our black cat (Mimi) yesterday near your house. She usually comes and sleeps in her basket with our other cat, who, being older, seldom goes out. But I did not see Mimi yesterday and I haven’t seen her today. Strange.

My answer :

Tuesday 7/11/17 15:03

No. We didn’t see her yesterday and we haven’t today.

Next email :

Tuesday 7/11/17 16:58

So the other cat, Étoile, leaves her basket more often, as if she was disturbed, and was looking for Mimi. She clearly realizes someone is missing.

Frimousse had written an article about “the cats on the other side of the road”, last year on January 28th




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  1. Mary McNeil

    Oh dear ! On Aug 31 my gray cat Alexander got out and ran off. He is an indoor cat, but he was upset about a stranger at our house. I expected him to come back, but he did not…It was Sept 18 when he came running home in early morning -“mew-mew-mew-mew-mew!’ He was a little thinner but not drastically so and he had no marks or scratches on him. Since then he has showed no interest in even going near the door. Was he shut in somewhere ? For all that time he had to have access to water and food. No idea – but so so thankful ! Prayers that Mimi WILL be able to find her way home.

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      That’ happy for your Alexander.
      Mimi is not an indoor cat but she is back home every evening. Always. In her house no reason for her not wanting to come back. The reason is outside. but where ? Her Masters have looked carefully in all the places she could be – the area 10 metres from the road on each side. Nothing.
      Let’s wait for her Mistress to come home for lunch. She’s promised to give me news when she has some.


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