“Les vacances”

In French, “les vacances”, in the plural, means holidays or vacations, any period when you stop working and go to the seaside, to the mountains, to Finland, to Canada, or to relatives’. The word comes from the latin « vacare », « to be without ». It seems related to vacuum “empty”.

I have been without Frimousse for nearly 3 months, and without RouXy for over 4 months. The place is empty. So are my days. Do I need holidays? Now we can go places since there’s no cat to look after, can’t we?

Blog de Frimousse, in French only, was started nine years ago, on July 7th. And on July 13th that will be 16 years since Frimousse moved to this place and met gentle RouXy.

On the picture this is Tigri, in the garden, on July 8th 2008. He was 6 years old.




8 thoughts on ““Les vacances”

  1. Eastside Cats

    The Hubby and I talked about taking time away, but he doesn’t want to go anywhere. So that means I have a built-in cat sitter! You had almost 16 years of Angel Frimousse; your happy memories of him and RouXy will continue to warm your heart.

  2. Timmy Tomcat

    Maybe not a vacation but an exploration is in order. Go somewhere you have wanted to not to sit with feet in the sand but a museum, some sight seeing.
    I could not imagine coming home to a feline free home.
    We know your friends are with you in spirit and heart

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      We’ve spent days with friends in Italy. They went hiking in the mountains and I just wanted for them to return, since I can’t walk properly.
      But I was not alone. Frimousse and RouXy and Tigri were with me.
      I met a few cats. tomorrow, probably, I’ll publish an article about them.


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