Non avrebbero amato

Frimousse, RouXy et Tigri non avrebbero amato. Siamo partiti tre giorni, due notti. We didn’t go very far. Just on the other side of the mountain, in Aoste.

The kitties remained in the garden. No chance they would go down to the road…

In over fifteen years, I think we’ve left them alone (inside!) twice, for family events. And maybe five times for one night.



10 thoughts on “Non avrebbero amato

  1. Mary McNeil

    So now you have your “freedom” – one you would gladly have sacrificed to have your boys still with you .

  2. 15andmeowing

    The most I will ever leave is one night and my Mom stays with them, but we haven’t even done that in over 2 years.

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      Of course there are events you can’t avoid – weddings, funerals, etc. As far as holidays are concerned, we’ve never left Frimousse alone for the past ten years. And we have managed gradually to “convince” RouXy’s Masters to let us locked RouXy in our house with Frimousse when we had to be away.
      Frimousse’s Mistress enjoys hiking in the mountains. As I’ve been unable to hike with her for 10 years, because of serious knee problem, I’ve turned into Frimousse’s nanny.

  3. Timmy Tomcat

    I had a motor cycle accident in 1999 that has left me unable to do much. My fur friends have really helped me make the transition to a home person. I always had cats but there was also a live in gal for when I was away. Now no gal, lol, but my furs are with me giving their all.
    Ah the changes of life. Some sweet some sour and some very difficult. We persevere
    Thanks so much for sharing with us
    Dad Pete

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      I never had cats before the arrival of Minou. He just popped into our garden, and our lives, one June afternoon. He was very lean and starving. The first thing he ate was… bread. He “said” he wanted to stay with us. He was a very beautiful siamese of about a year. Minou.

      He was killed by a car one year and three months later. We were devastated since he was a loving cat.

      A few weeks later, Frimousse arrived and a few months later we met RouXy. Then a year later we found Tigri. They were all very good cats.

      Game over.

  4. Eastside Cats

    Chucky loves the long grass in the rock garden across the street. We have warned him and been very careful about allowing him access to the outside, and zip…across the street he goes! Sometimes he wanders next door one house one way or the other, but he’s pretty much a stay nearby kitty. Same with Angel, although she hisses at Patty and Sweetie but since they do not react to her, they all stay quiet.


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