18 thoughts on “11 o’clock this morning

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      Yes! He LOOKS handsome. But he is so lean and his belly so big, full of ascites and cancer. He cannot get through the cat-flap! Poor Frimousse…
      He looks at us so desperately:”Why don’t you do something for me, my good Masters?”

  1. Punapippuri

    So handsome and noble, and lord of his domain. We wish that fluid would just disappear and he could feel better. And of course the cancer. We wish for a lot.

  2. Mary McNeil

    He has had the day in his garden !

    “Goodbye to the Life I used to live
    And the world I used to know
    And kiss the hills for me just once.
    Now I am ready to go.”

    -emily dickinson

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      The situation is never the same.
      When we took Tigri to Frimousse’s “docteure”, we naively thought she would prescribe a stronger treatment for the chronic kidney failure he suffered. But blood test showed levels of urea and creatinine were so high Tigri would be in a coma within hours. So we came back home with Tigri’s dead body.
      We had planned to take RouXy to the vet for a lethal injection the next morning but he died about midnight.
      We have planned to take Frimousse to his “docteure” for 6.30pm. Physically he is declining rapidly but does not seem to suffer. Shall we keep alive for a few more days because we like having him around and stroking him?
      But what’s the interest FOR FRIMOUSSE?
      I sent an email to the vet this morning for her to think and say: “If Frimousse was my kitty I would…” as she did in the case if Tigri.
      Tomorrow will be another day…

  3. Mary McNeil

    I saw the conversation in French about force feeding him. I agree with you – that is for a weak cat who can recover. For him, it would be additional – discomfort. And even more for you,
    I have asked my vet that same question, half-knowing what the answer will be. Between the Winter Solstices of 2015 and 2016 I lost 3 cats and the Elkhound. The heart cringes.

  4. Timmy

    We send our love and care to you both and to dear Frimousse where ever he may be watching us all now young and able to run and chase once more

  5. Eva

    I´m so sorry. Dearest. Frimousse. It´s always so sad when someone has to leave. We lost one of our cats, Gusten, last year.


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