Thursday morning

Frimousse went out at 6:30. He walked round his garden, came in, drank a lot and went upstairs on his sofa. A few minutes ago I went up there, I stroked him, he purred. I took the photo. He followed me when I went down, and went out in his garden, he walked round it again. Five minutes later he was in the house. He drank water but didn’t eat anything, he didn’t even lap any milk. On the small bed upstairs, in the sunshine – the garden was still in the shade minutes ago, and back to his sofa.

This will be my last message before we are back from the vet’s surgery tomorrow afternoon (Friday). Please do not be cross if I don’t answer your kind comments.


6 thoughts on “Thursday morning

  1. Timmy

    We are sending purrs and prayers of support. We still thing one shot of steroids may perk him up and give him some zest. Know we are with you no matter what. May you eat and perk up Frimousse!
    Timmy, Dad Pete and Family

  2. Eastside Cats

    We will never be cross with you! We want you to concentrate all of your love on Frimousse, as we are. He needs some food; let’s hope the veterinarian can find a way to persuade him to have an appetite. More purrs and hugs!

  3. Punapippuri

    How could we be cross? You are clearly a devoted servant to Frimousse and his care is obviously your number 1 priority. Nothing else matters. Continued purrs and good wishes. We shall be thinking of Frimousse tomorrow. And we are so relieved he has such a kind Master.

  4. Mary McNeil

    Please do not think of us – except to know we are sending our love and prayers ! You are doing all anyone could do – it is in the hands of some other power (maybe Frimoussee himself – who knows ?). Our thoughts will be with Frimousse and you both.

  5. Mary McNeil

    Today is not only St. Patrick’s Day – it is St. Gertrude’s Day – she is the Patron Saint of Cats. May she hold Frimousse in her care !


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