Shall we…

Shall we buy white mice (*)? For over a week Frimousse has  liked nothing, eaten almost nothing. Flocon, the dog of RouXy’s Master inherits the content of dishes abandoned nearly untouched by Frimousse. Only moment when Frimousse was Frimousse was yesterday at about 4. He was lying, near the small fir tree and I had just stroked him. Suddenly, as a rocket he rushed to the wall near the pear-tree and immediately came back with a rat He found it difficult to start eating it but after a few minutes he crunched it almost normally and ate it completely. Then he settled down in a corner of the garden to digest  it – he ate nothing else, of course, neither yesterday evening, nor this morning.

(*) White, because they are the only mice we find on sale in pet shops.

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  1. Mary McNeil

    He got good, complete nourishment from that mouse, at least. And his hunting instinct and reflexes seem to be intact. Time, time, time ! Purrs.

  2. 15andmeowing

    I am glad he ate something and was strong enough to catch it. Have you asked the vet for an appetite stimulant? Even prednisone can increase appetite. I know cats are in danger of a liver disease when they don’t eat for even a couple of days. I am praying for you sweet boy.

  3. Eastside Cats

    I don’t think I could release mice into my house, so the cats could catch them! Here’s hoping the veterinarian has some good suggestions on what to do to get Frimousse’s appetite charged up again.

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      The vet’s “suggestion” is… leave him in peace for the time being, no stress.
      Well as long as he doesn’t seem to suffer, he is just passive, either in the house or in the garden. But he purrs when come near him…

  4. Mary McNeil

    Just keep stroking him and loving on him. He obviously is still enjoying that, and it is something in his life that hasn’t changed. That may be all he wants at this time.- that you can do anything about. It sounds like doing anything more at the vets would cause him more distress, We all wish we could help, but you know him best and are doing what you can to make sure he knows he is loved and comfortable. Purrs to all ! (And more rats too .)

  5. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

    When he came in at about 6pm he didn’t eat anything. He just drank. Then he went on our bed and stayed there purring half asleep until 10. And then went upstairs.
    No noise since. He’ll probably feel pretty bad this morning.
    It’s probably the end of the road for our dear Frimousse. ..

  6. Mary McNeil

    I feel like I will be losing several friends – not only Frimousse but his family.

    But Frimousse will be reunited with all those he loves except the Master, the Mistress, and RouXy’s master. Off on a new adventure with Tigre, and RouXy and the others at his side !
    Rats aplenty !

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      We don’t want Frimousse to suffer.
      For the time being he doesn’t seem to suffer. I’ve emailed the vet to give her the news.
      After a whole afternoon in his garden, Frimousse is upstairs on a bed. He’s eaten a very small bit of raw chicken.
      When Frimousse goes I can assure you he’ll go on in our memories for as long as we live. The blog will continue to tell about his life before the blog – July 2008.
      I wrote an article some weeks ago 3, 2 1… i.e. Frimousse RouXy Tigri, then Frimousse RouXy, then Frimousse. I’ll add zero…

  7. Mary McNeil

    I know he is not suffering, or he would let you know that. Yes, I remember the article, and I have enjoyed reading the memories. Glad he ate a bit and is still doing what he can ! Purrs !

  8. Mary McNeil

    So glad he is enjoying his garden ! We are having almost a blizzard here today – just came in from feeding and watering the beagle, the birds, and the outdoor cats.


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