On our nerves

Frimousse was lying on his armchair near the fire. I went to another room and, five minutes later no more Frimousse. I thought that, according to his current habit, he had gone upstairs, on his Voltaire chair. But he had not. he was in the garden watching I do not know what.

Everything is white with hoarfrost this morning. Will rats go out? It would be great if Frimousse could eat a rat! A few minutes later, he returned to the house and went to his dishes. Surprise! He ate… a little.

“But how many cats do you have,”  will our visitors ask? We’re trying to feed Frimousse, therefore we “suggest” various foods. One or two nibbles and it’s over. Then, a little later, we empty the dish in the bin and “suggest” Frimousse something else! He is playing on our nerves…





14 thoughts on “On our nerves

  1. Mary McNeil

    Hmm. Sounds like a cat to me ! Perhaps he is worried about the two of you and feels he needs to do more to occupy your time !
    As for throwing out the food – I have a beagle so there is no waste . (Not to mention the raccoons!)
    Hugs to you and Frimousse !

  2. Eastside Cats

    Frimousse can feel your worry, remember! He is worried about you, and you are worried about him. A good snuggle session sounds like a wonderful pick-me up for all of you. That is, if you wanted my opinion… Hopefully, Frimousse cannot feel MY concerns about him, from way over here.

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      Today has been a (slightly) better day.
      Frimousse was outside for short spells, but 5 ou 6 times. He has nibbled in his dishes several times.Let’s hope tomorrow will be the same at least.
      Now he’s upstairs waiting for us to join him for the evening.

  3. Timmy

    Our Buddy Budd is over 16 and was given “a few months” in Dec of 2015. He is still up and about laying on me purring up a storm. Even before he was diagnosed he had started to behave like you say Frimousse is. It is a sign of age. Buddy will lay for 10-15min and get up and wander to a new spot and then do the same. He does this for an hour or two until he finds the right place and they settles in for a nice nap. He gets up a few hours later and repeats the whole thing. Oh yes he goes into the bedroom or kitchen and lets our good yowls. No pain just Buddy being Buddy.
    As to eating he stopped when he was diagnosed in 2015. All my cats eat wet as I think it is healthier but Buddy was a kibble addict when he came to us. I now give him small kibble meals that he likes but only a bit at a time. He sits with me when he eats as the others will steal his kibble. I measure his meal in pill bottles. He eats like 4 or 5 a day. He is not very active so that keeps his weight up so is fine. All of the the furs are inside cats.
    I have read some say he is worried about you. That is absolute fact. Cats and dogs pick up on our feelings and react in their own way. I know I tried to just act normally when he was diagnosed and it was tough as I felt he would be dying soon. Now I am relaxed and he chugs along.
    I do give him Triamcinolone steroid every few days whenever his appetite wanes. Like every 5 or so which works great. I got him a steroid shot before that really gave him zip for a couple of weeks.
    Purrs Frimousse. Long may you roam and enjoy
    Timmys Dad Pete

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      Thank you for your message.
      The main problem with Frimousse is that we just can’t catch him to give him medicines or put him in the transport box. Our vet told us to try and catch him only in case of absolute necessity – what we did last Saturday.
      He accepts to be help in our arms only if he feels 100% sure he’ll be release within seconds – enough to check his weight but too short for opening his mouth to put medicines in!
      We’re not that worried as far as food is concerned. Frimousse has free access to the garden in the day-time but he’s (locked) inside the house at night. Therefore we have two places with litter – our late Tigri always use the litter, practically never the garden. The litters have stayed clean for three or four days and it is difficult to trace Frimousse’s journeys in the garden! But this morning I’ve seen him doing something in the fresh soil where tulips are growing. And he has done what I was expecting.
      At the moment he is nibbling something in one of his dishes (!) in the kitchen. We’ll be back to normal only when he’ll expect to have his tin of Gourmet – Purina’s Fancy Feast in the States, I think. Of course he has free access to kibble 24h.
      Frimousse knows when we want to catch him. But he can spend hours in bed or on a sofa, for being stroked! But catching him while being stroked would be a treason, wouldn’t it?
      Purrs to Buddy Budd.


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