Frimousse’s Mistress…

Danielle let the cat out of the bag. It is the birthday of Frimousse’s Mistress today indeed. She would have liked to receive a very special present: Frimousse’s recovery. But it was not possible. Frimousse will visit his doctor on Thursday at 6 pm. We hope his condition will not get to bad since then.

Have a good evening or a good day according of the place you live.

19 thoughts on “Frimousse’s Mistress…

      1. Mary McNeil

        Prayers work in their own way and time. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes no – sometimes “Wait” It makes us feel better to try when there is nothing else we can do. But I do not mean to offend. Yes, if he is not suffering, and I know you and the vet will not let that happen. He has been blessed with his family- and you with him.

  1. Eastside Cats

    For your birthday, please concentrate on the love and joy of Frimousse…he is and forever will be a special gift to you! Hugs to all at the Frimousse House!

  2. Timmy

    We agree that to have Frimousse recover may be a reach but to have him live comfortably and happy in his last days would be wonderful. We send purrs and prayers for this to happen.
    We send birthday wishes that you enjoy the day and do something special just fur you!
    Timmy, Pete and Family

  3. Mary McNeil

    I tried writing on the French site but I am being lost in translation. To clarify – yu do not need to read and translate everything from the older blog posts. There is a part of my browser that translates from french to English (or other choices) so we can read them ourselves. Hope this comes through clearly as I have bothered you enough this morning ! Gentle kisses to Frimousse and hurrah for “gambas”


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