Frimousse Blog – 23rd August, 2010

Frimousse hiding behind the bottle rack just before 1 pm

Frimousse Blog was started, in French, on July 8th 2008 on another platform, Over-Blog. This is the article that was posted (in French) on 23rd August, 2010:

Tell me, my Master, what would you do if you did not have to take care of us?

– Well… I would go running in the mountain or walking…

You’re joking, my Master! I, Frimousse, know you cannot run nor walk in the mountains any more!

– I would go to the restaurant, I would watch TV …

You are trying to make fun of me, my Master! I, Frimousse, know that you hate going to the restaurant, that you hate watching TV!

– I would write a book for children. It would be the story of three cats who would take care of me.

How would these three cats look like?

You are making fun of me, Frimousse! I, your Master, know that you have already guessed…

But as you are taking care of us, you will not write this story and therefore children won’t read it. So there!

6 thoughts on “Frimousse Blog – 23rd August, 2010

  1. Mary McNeil

    The store’s music system (where I work) is playing “Never Alone ” now as I read this.

    Not only the children, but the many new friends you and Frimousse have made would like to read the old stories of the 3 friends.


  2. Timmy

    Yes I think this would be a good addition to the blog. Some friends do this and we like it.
    Keep us up to date on dear Frimousse and know we are sending our support
    Timmy, Dad and Family

    Sounds much like our Dads story. Life changes but if we give to others we are the better for it


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