I keep looking for my friend RouXy inside the house, outside in my garden, but no sign of RouXy. Every morning, about 9, I’m surprised my Master doesn’t go and fetch RouXy in his house and tell him to come and join me…

My Master says I must be patient. And to help me be patient he’ll post photos of RouXy’s early life with me. How and when will he do that? “Be patient, Frimousse,” he says, “Very soon.”

12 thoughts on “Nowhere

  1. Mary in Ohio

    Oh Frimousse ! Being patient is so often the key – and so hard ! Cats make it seem easier, but it must not be. Purrs.

  2. Mary in Ohio

    To the Master : How is Frimousse doing really ? We are very sad and want him to be all right too since the 2 cats were obviously bonded !

    1. Le Maître de Frimousse

      Frimousse still doesn’t eat and spend his time on the large bed upstairs, the exact spot where RouXy would spend a lot of time everyday…
      Well, when Frimousse will realy be hungry I suppose he’ll eat!
      what else to do but wait?

  3. Mary in Ohio

    Yes – you must be patient too. Maybe tempt him with something special – juice from a can of tuna usually rouses my cats. But he definitely knows something is wrong. He may even know that RouXy will not be back. When my animals lose a friend they seem to sense it.

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      He’s had some food this morning. I don’t think he’ll starve to death.
      But he still wants every door in the house to be open, just in case someone is hiding.
      In a couple of days, if that goes on, I buy some big organic gambas. That’s his favourite treat. But they are very expensive!

  4. Eastside Cats

    Oh Frimousse, our hearts are so sad, but you must eat up little man! Angel RouXy doesn’t want you to visit him up in heaven! Angel RouXy is still with you; try to feel him. His spirit is near you; he’s telling you that everything is okay.

  5. Punapippuri

    Oh Frimousse, you really miss your buddy. We feel sad for you as you are clearly grieving. Try to eat something dude, you have to move on to another chapter of your life now.

    1. Punapippuri

      We didn’t mean that to sound like ‘move on, get over it’ – we just mean that things have changed and you have to go along with it – and we are sorry they changed.

      1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

        Yesterday evening was nearly a “normal” evening, with Frimousse with us upstairs purring on his Mistress’s legs. He had some food this morning but when I gave him some more when I came back from the shops, he didn’t want any.
        Now he’s sleeping in the friends’ bedroom.


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