In the dark corners of the garden

Dirty sunshine yesterday. Remainders of snow in the dark corners of the garden. It is still dark and birds twitter to signify spring cannot be far. We miss the flamboyant coat of a wonderful little orange cat. Looking after him has been my activity for such a long time! He could have ended his life on the road, like most cats of the village, but I succeeded in avoiding it. He could have ended it trapped in the barn nearby, if fourteen years ago, we had not been addicted to running and if we had not started our training by going down to the road… Our running saved his life. He would have been sixteen years old in May, he could not have lived forever, of course, but if the wicked live for a look time, the sweet like RouXy leave us far too early.

I’ve three things to say:

  • Pardon me if I do not answer your comments. Maybe later…
  • Poor Frimousse will be in control of his blog again from now on.
  • Running saved RouXy’s life. Watch Free to Run: I hope it works in your country.

27 thoughts on “In the dark corners of the garden

  1. Mary in Ohio

    So true. I was thinking that he did not have to be “helped” by the vet, but maybe just let himself go. Please give Frimousse a bit of lagniappe from me and my clowder.

  2. Mary in Ohio

    I have asked that myself so many times. You understand why I am not able to answer you, but poor Frimousse !

  3. Punapippuri

    We have a candle lit for RouXy and know that behind the clouds tonight he will be there, in the northern lights, his tail dancing alongside all those who have gone before. But we know it hurts so much he is not there with you.

    And running, yes, running. It saves so many. Äiti started running three years ago and is so wobbly now so does not run as much as she wants to, but she will run, and think of RouXy and how he was saved and given a wonderful life.

    Purrs, mon ami.

    1. Le Maître de Frimousse

      I’ve had to stop running years ago but Frimousse’s Mistress still runs. We have a regret: it is possible to run accompanied by a dog but not by a cat. We would have liked Frimousse to run with us!
      RouXy was a great walker in spite of his severed leg.

  4. Dash Kitten

    We have only just discovered you on our Sunday Selfie trips and love seeing you.

    Our condolences on the loss of RouXy.

    Please, you don’t need to respond.

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  6. Deziz World

    We are so sorry fur your loss. We did not know RouXy, but we do know the pain of loss. It’s no fun fur anypawdy or kitty dat be left behind. Me was so lost when mes sis Lexi went to heaven, and sometimes me still is. Mommy was a mess, and most of da time still is. We are sendin’ all of you big hugs and lots of purrayers. Altho’ da pain may last furever, so will all da amazin’ memories and fotos and times of laffter and joy.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi, Raena and mommy A

    1. Le Maître de Frimousse

      Well, everyone must die one day. Even our very best ‘friend’. RouXy was our neighbour’s ginger cat. But he has always been at home in our house, with his friend our cat Frimousse.
      Thank you for your kind message.

    1. Le Maître de Frimousse

      Thank you for your conforting words and purrs.
      Problem: Frimousse is on a hunger strike. He won’t eat before RouXy is back…
      He disregards his favourite food…
      Tomorrow I’ll buy organic gambas. If he doesn’t eat them…


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