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White, black and all shades of grey. Only the balls, which my Mistress put on the fir tree, bring spots of red. Winter-time… But next week the landscape may be very depressing. They forecast rain on Tuesday…

My Master gave us our breakfast. Then, RouXy stayed in front of the stove for a moment, probably to show to what extent his fur is blazing. Afterwards he went to the bathroom to lie down on a mat, his habit these days. I, Frimousse, went upstairs. Which sofa? What bed? I have the choice!

My Master thinks of this message of Minister for Health, broadcasted on the radio and on the TV, inviting weak people to stay home, if they don’ have to go out, to avoid catching the flu. My Master, who sees evil everywhere, thinks of homeless people. And, very angry, says: “Disgraceful, Madam Minister!”

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8 thoughts on “Winter-time

  1. Eastside Cats

    Bureaucrats and politicians don’t live in the same world that we live in! Sounds like both you and RouXy have your favorite napping places; our Angel and Chuck do the same, and they change them with the seasons.

  2. Punapippuri

    Our purrs for RouXy. We have been reading from afar and he has found a niche in Äiti’s heart already. We wish him health.
    Be safe and warm, mes amies.


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