8 thoughts on “Under my supervision

    1. Frimousse

      He goes out rarely, these days, my friend RouXy. He’s an old cat – even though I, Frimousse, am a year old than he is. But I spend most of my time outside, since I am still quite young…

    1. Le Maître de Frimousse

      Frimousse has a collar with a PetSafe system.
      Normally it is for small dogs. When people say it is big for a cat, I answer that Frimousse has had this collar for over 15 years and he is used to it. And it by far much smaller than the tyre of a car, a lorry, or a tractor!
      The system allows him to go freely everywhere in the garden and the house.
      Flocon, the dog of RouXy’s Master has the same system. Isn’t it a good alternative to a… chain?
      RouXy has a collar with a tabcat system
      (It used to be loc8tor)
      We can know where he is.

      1. kapitola

        wonderful! much better than a leash! and I agree it is important to keep track of your cat when outdoors–I do not understand people who can just put their cat outside and not worry!

        1. Le Maître de Frimousse

          Apart from a very exceptions, all the cats in the village end their lives on the road within two years.
          PetSafe is prohibited in Switzerland because the (very smal) shock the cat or the dog gets whencoming too close to the wire (antenna) that activates the electronic device in the collar is supposed to be “crual”. Actually tbeeps sound as the animal comes near (adjustable distance) and after a few days the animal knows precisely where the limit is and gets no shocks any more.
          It has happened that Frimousse saw a bird a couple of yards beyond de limit. He ran to the bird, caught it in his jaws and CAME BACK immediately in the garden! The shock is nothing compared to a tasty sparrow…


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