The end of the road


RouXy yesterday evening on the big bed upstairs

The end of the road is not far for RouXy. I took him to our vet’s this morning. He was so weak. Except for the few minutes when he decided to visit the car. The 15-and-a-half-year old cat was a lively kitten again!

We are back here now and RouXy wants neither eat nor drink. He is dozing on a mat in the bath-room.

The first thing the vet said is: “He looks pale. The inside of his ears is nearly white.” She checked his body temperature. It was below normal. No wonder he avoids going out in the cold and keeps in warm places. Blood test was okay except urea slightly too high. But red blood cells were much too scarce. There seems to be ascites in his abdomen. Could be leukaemia or kidney cancer…

Frimousse’s Master




24 thoughts on “The end of the road

  1. Mary in Ohio

    I am so sorry for your old friend RouXy, who many of us just met ! But He has certainly known love and friendship ! Hugs to you and Frimousse, who will miss him but never forget him.

  2. Punapippuri

    We send many purrs. This handsome, noble ginger mancat has such soul and wisdom; we hope he has no pain and is peaceful. There is a clear sky here now, above the snows and we know the same stars shine down on RouXy.

  3. kapitola

    So sorry to hear about RouXy. We just got to know him and he seems like such a wonderful cat. He is lucky to have had you guys in his life! Good luck

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      RouXy is such a wonderful cat. When we moved to this house on July 13th 2001, RouXy was a two-month-old kitten. One-year-old Frimousse was very very happy to find a friend. RouXy is our neighbours’cat because he has spent far more time with us and Frimousse than with them. But he likes his Master (his second Master died in July 2016).
      At this time he is quietly sleeping in front of the fire.
      Have a good week-end.

        1. Frimousse

          Thanks ! That’s very very kind.
          RouXy is calm this evening. If we didn’t know the truth we would think is health is okay
          Well, he’s close to the fire, nearly “roasting”. Like cold blooded lezards and snakes. …

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      RouXy is such a wonderful cat. Frimousse doesn’t understand what is going on but the fact that RouXy has slept in our house since Thursday puzzles him.
      RouXy will sleep with us from now on. His Master has agreed, even if he will feel very lonely in the evenings.

  4. Dash Kitten

    We are new here but feel the sadness in your post. We love gingers dearly as we have one (well a ginger tabby) and a ginger visitor. RouXy stay while you can dear friend, but if you feel you must go, take our love and our tears with you.

    All our love

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew


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