Sunday Selfie – Why 3 legs?


RouXy today at 9:45

Kapitola asked how RouXy had his leg cut. These are three posts translated from the beginning of Frimousse Blog, in French.

Frimousse wrote:

When we moved into the house where we have lived since then, in July 2001, our new neighbours had just been giver a very young ginger kitten. He didn’t have a name yet but a lady suggested ‘Rouxy’. We became friends at once. RouXy would spend hours in our house or in our garden. And in the evening my Masters would take him to his Masters’ house – or his Masters would come and fetch him in ours. That has been going on ever since.

Original post with photos July 7th 2008:

À year later, in June, RouXy was just one year old, a tragedy occured  Another neighbour [his house is 100 yards away, by the side of the road] had set a trap in his barn [to try to catch a marten]. The trap caught RouXy left rear paw. RouXy stayed there for nearly 24 hours. When my Masters found him [it’s lucky they went running in that direction!], RouXy was very weak. The vet had to cut the leg. The stump still bleeds at times. RouXy is a very beautiful cat, “but a very sweet cat particularly,” his Master will add! It is hard to believe his Mater and mine could attend to his wound and moignon for three months with RouXy howling. He never scratched them or bit them. My friend RouXy climbs trees and catches mice and birds. He simply loves cakes and yoghurt.

Original post with photos July 7th 2008:

This is the last photo of Rouxy with his four legs. He was one year old. The next morning about 10 o’clock his left rear paw will be caught in a steel-jaw trap and will stay prisoner for 24 hours. The vet will have to cut his leg because of grangrene.

Everytime the neighbour who set the trap saws timber, my Master, who can be nasty at times, wishes the neighbour cuts his hand. But there seems to be a God for those who set steel-jaw traps…

Original post with photos September 26th  2008:


18 thoughts on “Sunday Selfie – Why 3 legs?

  1. Punapippuri

    *#*€()% to the steel traps. We are so very glad RouXy was able to be nursed, and helped through this trauma. We continue to purr, of course, and hope for warmth and good appetite for our hero.

    1. Le Maître de Frimousse

      As fas as warmth is concerned, no problem. Appetite… Not bad as a whole. He had some pollock and some tuna. But it seems his belly is, slowly, swelling (ascetes)… Nothing can be done since it is a symptom not a illness…

  2. erinthecatprincess

    Oh my, that is a tragedy, one that never really should have happened. Thank God that RouXy got better else we wouldn’t be blessed with such lovely pictures.
    Purrs for a great week for you all.


  3. Mary McNeil

    RouXy seems to be at peace with what is going on (as animals often are). Prayers for you and Frimousse. RouXy has obviously had a good life with you and is so loved ! I don’t know French, so I’m guessing his name means “Red” ? Thank you for letting us know a bot of his backstory.

    1. Le Maître de Frimousse

      But they ARE! Only trappers with an official agreement can use traps, and traps of an approved type!
      but in France, especially in the countryside, there are lots of people who say: “We have always done that and we don’t see why the law should compel us to change our lives.”

    1. Le Maître de Frimousse

      Poor couragious RouXy is still alive this Monday morning. He spends most of his time lying on a rug in the bathroom, with a small blanket to keep warm.
      This morning we took him IN our bed at 6. And he stayed there purring until we got up at 6:30.
      I have to go to the post-office now. ‘Usually’ I would go and fetch RouXy in his cellar and bring him to our house. But I don’t have to, now….

    1. Frimousse

      His Master has just come to stroke him, before going to the doctor’s for himself. He visits RouXy several times a day. And when he leaves he always says: “He’s strong and courageous.” He doesn’t think he’s suffering.

    1. Le Maitre de Frimousse Post author

      He won’t get better, no chance. He is very weak this morning, weaker and weaker. He still purr when we stroke him but it is a more remote purring.
      Frimousse’s ‘docteure’ is not in her surgery on Wednesday. But tomorrow RouXy’s life will be over.

  4. Dash Kitten

    I am late catching update and see from you last message that RouXy may no longer be with us. I will check in case there are other posts but, please accept my condolences. You had brave ginger friend and every loss is a grievous one.


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