After a milder day and a milder night, cold and snow are back, as forecast. There’s snow even on the banks of the Lake. My Mistress will have to cope with slippery roads.

RouXy is in front of the stove. His Master had hardly taken him out of the basement that he gulped a bowl of food, which he vomited 30 seconds later. But I can assure you he ate a lot on arriving in our house!

I, Frimousse, am upstairs. I know my Master won’t open the cat flap before he sees the postman. Our postman is a very careful driver and he knows I, Frimousse, or RouXy can be in the lane. But once a week there is a substitute. And some substitutes drive much too fast. Well, today, if the postal van is driven by a careless substitute, that could be fun…

Snow by the Lake?



11 thoughts on “Snow

        1. Frimousse Post author

          The Saturday is over. RouXy is with his Master. I am upstairs, as every night, on the large bed. Cold ourtside. More snow tomorrow morning ? We’ll see. Have a nice day!


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