Dull and depressing


Photo this Monday morning about 9:00

My friend RouXy is still very ill. He doesn’t want to eat, yet he is so gluttonous! My Masters says that he wants to join Tigri and Plume. He wants to leave me alone, does he? I didn’t understand everything my Masters and RouXy’s Master were talking about, in the bathroom, next to my friend RouXy, who was sleeping, with his ears pointed.

At about 9 am my Master carried RouXy on the table in front of the stove, to try and feed him with fish, chicken, ham. He just lapped a little milk but refused his petit-suisse. Then he got up and jumped from the table. He didn’t head for the bathroom but for the front door, to go out! My Master hesitated then opened the door. And my friend RouXy moved on the balcony and looked at Plume’s garden. He would have probably liked to go down the stairs but he felt too weak. After a few minutes my Master took him inside and RouXy walked to the bathroom.

My garden looks dull and depressing. We haven’t had much beautiful white snow so far and in the near future they forecast some rain but no snow.



10 thoughts on “Dull and depressing

  1. Mary in Ohio

    My old calico Buddy acted the same way. Sad as he is to leave you, Frimousse, RouXy is getting ready for his next adventure ,

      1. Punapippuri

        I know. My best friend was Stran, the bravest, most gentle, playful cat ever who left a huge hole in Äiti’s heart. I have not been the same since he left us but he had to do so, he was so sick, and one day I meet him again. Äiti cries now thinking of him, but we also celebrate every day we had with him and the joy he gave us. And the way he taught me to be a better mancat. He will always be my best friend, even though he is somewhere else. RouXy will always be your top buddy.

        1. frimousse

          Of course, he will!
          But I don’t like seeing him very ill. And I want him to stay with me right here!
          And I think of my Mistress. She felt very bad when we lost Tigri, four years ago. How will she feel if we lose RouXy ?

    1. Frimousse Post author

      On Friday morning she said there’s nothing to do. Probably leukaemia. He’s got ascites in his belly. But the most serious trouble is the fact that his body is unable to regulate his temperature.
      It’s too cold – the contrary of a temperature.
      He’s my poor friend, RouXy…

  2. Mary McNeil

    Nothing we can say can make you feel better, Frimousse – we wish it could. You and RouXy and your master and mistress must take this journey alone but together. Just know that all of us who are talking here have gone through this with our own friends and can only pray for you and RouXy and your families.

    1. Frimousse Post author

      I, Frimousse, this morning just before 9. At the place where my friend rouXy enjoys being. But he is lying on a mat in the bathroom. Poor RouXy.


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