Frost for the first time this morning. My Mistress’s car had a frosted windscreen and my Master had to scrub it for my Mistress to go to work.

No fire in the stove yet – 18.5°C in the house. But it’s time for me to take my winter habits: the armchair.

Sunshine today.





2 thoughts on “Frost

    1. Le Maître de Frimousse

      You must be used to that in Canada!
      Frimousse and RouXy like winter. And so do I! I don’t have to worry: they stay inside, RouXy in particular.
      To those who don’t like winter I often quote Keats:”If Winter comes / can Spring be far behind?”
      I wish you and your Mum a nice day.
      Thank you for visiting Frimousse blog


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