In the beginning, Frimousse Blog was meant to be a story, with just a few photos maybe. But soon it became a mix of short texts and photos.

The problem with photos is that they are time-consuming. They have to be copied on the computer and resized to reduce the place they need in the blog and quicken the display. In the process we often crop them.

Crop them? It has become necessary with photos taken with smartphones since they are much wider that photos taken with traditional cameras. Contrast has often to be adjusted since those photos are usually too pale – except with expensive smartphones.

But photos are often better than long texts. Look at Frimousse’s lime-tree. After a few days’ warm weather the rain has given it bright leaves. And purple leaves to the hazel bush.

With photos my friend Tigri is alive again! (The photos were shot in mid-May 2012)


Frimousse’s Master





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    1. Frimousse

      “Ça sera comme ça,” dit mon Maître, “tant que le Blog de Frimousse existera. Et pareil pour le Blog des Princesses de Nicole, je suis certain.”


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