Cats’ lives


Of course there are cats that have to search for preys for their daily food. But our lives is certainly better than the lives of countrymen – “the majority of the French population, “ my Master says – 150 years ago. My Master has just finished reading “The life of a simple man”. It should be read by those French people tempted to let go social rights that poor people took so much time to obtain. But they won’t read this book, of course.

Tiennon was dominated by his landlords and their right-hand men during his whole life. As a child he had a very harsh life. When an old man, he can see the slow evolution towards a more decent life for countrymen like him.

When my Master has finished reading this book, one century after it was first published, he hopes his grand-children won’t go back a single step  towards that society – military service, work more and earn less, domination by the rich, pensions later and with less money.





I, Frimousse, top of the page, and my friend RouXy, yesterday afternoon

2 thoughts on “Cats’ lives

  1. Timmy

    The Dad says things are like this in the US now. Less for those who work and less still for those who cannot due to the whims of fate and/or health. We have come far but not far enough

    1. Frimousse Post author

      “Do the riche’s money ‘trickle’ on the poor? Nonsense,” my Master says!“The former president of the Republic wanted people ‘to work more in order to earn more’. But how about the jobless?” he adds.
      He is very pessimistic when he thinks of his children and grand-children.
      Have a nice day, though…

      By the way, we find it very difficult to write a comment on your blog. My Master will have to spend some time reading a tutorial about blogspot!


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