Red cat

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On the road that my Mistress takes to go to work everyday – and that my Master and RouXy’s Master take to go to the shops – there is a red cat. His Masters live in an isolated house right by the roadside, in the middle of trees and meadows. And, summer and winter alike, this cat spends his days in the meadows nearby looking for mice. And he often walks or runs across the road…
“Today I’ve seen the red cat,” my Mistress will say. “I saw him two days ago,”  RouXy’s Master will answer. And we are all worried when he hasn’t been seen for several days.
Yesterday morning, for the very first time, he crossed the road quietly just in front of my Master’s car0, as he was driving back from the shops. So my Master took photos of the red cat, with his smartphone – that’s why the photos are not that good. Very many red cats among my friends. But my Master has decided this post would be dedicated to Christian , and everyone knows why!

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