No cats

Last Friday morning, as we had decided to be away for the weekend, I informed RouXy’s Master verbally and texted my neighbour, Plume’s Mistress. I wrote, “We don’t have cats at all, you know that. So we are leaving at noon and will come back on Sunday evening.” She immediately texted : “Hi, we don’t have cats, so we’re leaving at 2 o’clock and will come back on Sunday evening.”

We took care of cats full-time for 17 years. We also took care of Plume when his Masters were on holiday. So now Frimousse’s Mistress wants to move. We spent the weekend in Cogne. She did nordic skiing – despite the lack of snow – and I walked a bit – despite the ice on the paths.

We love that place.



Plenty of birds in our garden. Well… I must say that I feed them and … there are no more cats. There’s a gray and white and a brown one coming in from time to time. But they are well-fed cats – they have Masters and, moreover, they can easily find food in the village.

As “there are no more cats [to take care of]” I can go down to the Lake for a walk while Frimousse’s Mistress runs. She has resumed running and seems to recover gradually.

I’ve posted an article on RouXy’s blog. HERE. You see, we’re still alive…